In terms of Up and Over garage doors, we provide two high quality options, Canopy Up and Over and Retractable Up and Over Garage Doors. 

Canopy Up and Over is the simplest but most used type of Up and Over, the door will give you maximum drive-through width when open and the garage door panel will protrude about one third beyond the sub framed to form a canopy. 
Retractable Up and Over has become the most popular type of garage door as the panel will retract fully into the garage when opened. The drive-through width will be reduced due to the lifting arm either side between the sub frames. 
As far as Automating the Up and Over Garage Doors, on the Canopy doors a bow arm converter is required if a traditional boom operator is installed, unfortunately automation may not be compatible with all Canopy Up and Over doors. As the Retractable Up and Over garage door does not require a bow arm this would be the best option when automating an Up an Over, Alliance Garage Doors technicians will be able to advise and help you with any questions and information. 
As with all the doors we install, security is paramount, Up and Over Doors are very secure with a 4-point locking mechanism available. There are also a selection of doors built with reinforced steel bracing on the inside for that extra piece of mind for you and your loved ones. 
Benefits of Up and Over Garage Doors; 
• Classic and Stylish 
• Options to Automate doors 
• Choice of Manufactures 
• Vast choice of colours, designs and finishes 
• Side doors made to match garage doors 
• Safe and Secure 
• Glazing available 
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