Side Hinged Garage Doors are a great alternative to traditional garage doors which will give you a further option to how you use your garage. One major advantage to a Side Hinged Garage Door is that they are easily accessible on foot, making them ideal if you are not using them for vehicle storage. 
Side Hinged Garage Doors are available in 50/50 split or with a 1/3 to 2/3 opening ratio, again the latter being a very popular option if the garage is being used for pedestrian access and even regular cyclists who use the garage to store and secure bikes and equipment. 
With a growing increase in the demand for Side Hinged Garage Doors the manufactures now provide a wider range of designs, materials and finishes. You can now choose between Steel, Timber and GRP. 
Usually the steel Side Hinged Garage Doors are manufactured in standard sizes whereas the timber doors are usually purpose made to measure. 
Side Hinged Garage Doors are a very good solution for garages with limited headroom as the doors open out horizontally. Therefore if your garage space is full with shelving, gas meters etc there are no tracks or panels that will protrude into the garage space. 
Benefits of choosing a sectional garage door are: 
Partial Opening 
Can be Automated 
Timber doors made to order 
Safe and Secure 
Space Saving 
Glazing Available 
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